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Japanese woodworking procedure

Woodblock printing is the most ancient form of printing which was initially used for printing on the textile and later on the paper. Woodblock printing saves a lot of time printing on the textile and the paper in a short time. Before setting up the printing press, woodblock printing method was widely used in the worldwide especially in the Asian region. Japanese woodblock prints are still very popular for its unique beauty and concept. Japanese has their own enriched culture and the tradition which never fail to surprise the world. The Japanese woodblock prints are mostly inspired by the Japanese tradition. To develop the imagination power and to expand the creativity, these woodblock printing plays an important role. Though after the invention of the printing press, the use of woodblock printing has been limited it is still used in many areas for printing the paper and clothes.

In the ancient ages, printing used to be very complex and critical procedure due to not having organized way to produce the block, and the equipment requires for it. But now it has become very easy and swift after the gradual improvement of woodworking tool. If you want to make few products and emphasize on the handcraft, maintaining the custom and culture of the country, you should do the woodblock printing.

If you are a beginner, it is better if you do some research and studies about the ancient and modern wood art, then try to do the craft. If you have the skill and the potential, you can make the very good piece of woodblock. The procedure is very simple for the woodwork professionals. To paint on the wood block, few things are required for the wood block, paper, ink, chisel, etc. If you want to start working from the initially, you will require the saw for cutting the wood precisely. The woodwork can be inspired by anything. Anything from nature, beauty and the ancient dynasty. At first, you need to think which thing or idea you want to put on your woodworking. Then you have to draw it on paper. While drawing on the paper, you need to keep few things in your mind. The drawing should be precise, and you can take time while drawing as much as you can as the quality of your drawing will determine your final woodwork. Then you have to put the sheet on the wood block which you have cut with the help of the saw. Then you need to focus on the carving of the woodblock. With the help of the chisel, you can do the carving work. Remember, the chisels need to be sharp and good quality. After carving, you can put ink color on the wood block, and your wood block is ready to work.